Lee Federal Credit Union has savings accounts to help you save money for your future including our Regular Share accounts.

Children’s accounts were created for younger members to save money and yield a higher dividend rate than the Regular share accounts. When the children reach their 12th birthday, the Credit Union converts the child’s account from “Children” status to a “Regular” status.

Open up an IRA account with us and continue making annual contributions to your IRA account. When it is time to retire, the Credit Union will start disbursement of the IRA payment each year.


Dividends will be posted to accounts (Regular shares, IRA accounts and Children’s share accounts) on the first day after each quarter ends. Dividends will not be posted to accounts that do not have the minimum balance of $100.00 or accounts that have been closed before the end of the quarter. If you close the account before the end of the quarter, you will lose the earned dividends that accumulated during that quarter. A Service charge of $2.00 is deducted from accounts with balances under $50.00.

A schedule of our “board approved” dividend rates can be found in the upper half of our quarterly newsletters and also available upon request.

See the latest Quarterly Newsletter for the most current dividend rates. Our rates are competitive with most financial institutions.