Account Verification and Member Feedback

Posted Jun 2, 2015 by in News

Supervisory Committee:
PO Box 263
Rockville, MD 20848-0263
Fax (202) 289-7580
Email Supervisory Committee

The supervisory Committee performs an account verification of all accounts every two years. If the monetary balance is correct, no reply is necessary. If your balance is incorrect, please provide the information to the Supervisory Committee. The Committee will investigate the discrepancy. Biannually, you should receive the verification form along with your quarterly statement.
Also, if you have any feedback or issues that you feel has not been properly addressed please send a letter to the Supervisory Committee and provide the detail of the issue. The committee will investigate the situation and consult with the staff and Board to come to a solution. Afterward, the Supervisory Committee will notify you of the findings.