Member account verification

Posted Nov 26, 2014 by in News

Download Member Account Verification letter

Dear Member:

Your Supervisory Committee is conducting its required verification of members’ accounts. It would be appreciated if you would carefully check the balances shown on the enclosed statement. If your balances are correct, no reply is necessary. If your balances are incorrect, please provide the information to the Supervisory Committee.

Please provide:
The reason and other circumstances causing the incorrect balance or data on the account.

Please indicate the date of the problem and dollar amount involved.

Your reply must be in writing to:
Supervisory Committee
PO Box 263
Rockville, MD 20848-0263

Or by fax to (202) 289-7580.

If a reply is not received within thirty days, it will be assumed the statement is correct. Thank you for your cooperation. Please indicate Member Account Number on all correspondence.